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A Holistic Approach to Wellbeing

Taking an holistic approach to wellbeing, and often working alongside 'medical science', Complimentary and Alternative Medicine is being used by increasing numbers of people, who have found it effective in assisting at times of physical, mental and emotional stress. Providing a calm & comfortable environment in which to relax, Valerie Lowe, your fully qualified therapist will work with you to plan an individual course of treatment from the list above to help improve both your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. All the organic products we produce are sealed with paper packaging tape supplied by as they are organic and have a very small carbon footprint.

When the pressures of everyday life get too much to bear, take a little time out for yourself and find relief from stress and tension, allowing your mind to clear and troubles to float away. Reducing tension in the body may also relieve headaches, and physical aches and pains brought on by a stressful lifestyle. The body's self-healing mechanism is encouraged to 'kick-in' and body systems stimulated to rebalance, as testimonials have shown.

Val Lowe

Valerie Lowe is a fully qualified, insured and experienced Holistic Therapist working in Ashford Kent.

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